Our Approach

At Hart Carter & Associates, we work with other law firms in California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and throughout the United States to help individuals who seek to apply for legal status in the United States. We work with our clients through face to face meetings, telephonic and video conferences, to help clients stay informed, provide documents, and best prepare for their applications and/or court hearing. We aim to help clients navigate the legal process to the best of their ability, to apply for work authorization if eligible, and apply for any and all relief to which they are eligible, in order to ensure that they have the best chance at winning their case and continuing their life in the United States.

Our Story

The story began when the owner, Kristen Hart, realized that the office in Los Angeles could no longer serve all of the clients that needed our help, without opening another office closer to the clients we had in the South.  The New Orleans Immigration Court is one of the largest Immigration Courts in the South, requiring families to drive hundreds of miles to appear in Court. We opened our office in the same building as the Immigration Court, so that we are able to help clients file documents, submit applications and obtain first hand information directly from the Immigration Court with ease. We work with Cabrera & Cabrera, as well as Cabrera & Hart, LLC to form relationships and help clients who need experienced legal representation.


If you need an immigration attorney to simply help you understand your options do not hesitate to contact us. Knowledge is power and there are many applications that you may be eligible to apply for right now. We are here to help you understand your case, to fight for your case in Court or through USCIS. We are available via phone, skype or email. Email us at HartCarterAssociates@gmail.com or call us at 504-592-7272.

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